Casual and friendly gatherings for people who make and enjoy games.. and who happen to be women.

LadyCADE is a series of inclusive gaming events, providing friendly and safe spaces in which women in particular can share their passion for games and game-making. It also serves as a platform for women creators to showcase their games - to fellow gamers, aspiring developers, and the world at large.



  • LadyCADE
    Non-profit, initiative based in the UK & Sweden
  • Founded:
    28th July 2013 in London, UK
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    • Creative Coast Festival 2017
      May '17 : Karlshamn, SE
    • Creative Coast Festival 2016
      May '16 : Karlshamn, SE
    • GameCity 10
      Oct '15 : Nottingham, UK
    • Creative Coast Festival 2015
      May '15 : Karlshamn, SE
    • LadyCADE Spring Social 2015
      Mar '15 : London, UK
    • GameCity 9
      Oct '14 : Nottingham, UK
    • LadyCADE Summer Spectacular
      Jul '14 : London, UK
    • AnimeX Game
      Feb '14 : Middlesbrough, UK
    • GameCity 8
      Oct '13 : Nottingham, UK
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    LadyCADE Arcade
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LadyCADE was thought up in the summer of 2013 over video game-themed cocktails, when Innes McKendrick, Holly Pickering and Gemma Thomson decided to create a casual event for women in games. Having already attended a few gender-positive events, they were aware of the efforts already being put into recruiting women into the games industry. However, they also recognised how few of those events actually invited women to have fun, or appealed to their creativity. They decided there should be more on offer to support those who are already engaged with or working in the gaming medium.

Thus was the organisation founded: on the idea of a safe but casual space, away from the masculine skew of many games industry events; a space for women to share their passion for gaming and game creation. LadyCADE's debut event was a pub gathering on the fringe of Nottingham's Gamecity festival in 2013, which gathered some 40-plus men and women - developers, writers and gamers - to chat, play games and forge new friendships.

A year later, LadyCADE made its solo, London debut with a stand-alone Summer Spectacular. The organisers rounded up a number of female indie developers to showcase their games, in the first all-female games showcase of its kind. 'LadyCADE Arcade' included titles from a wide range of genres, putting their creators in direct contact with gamers, press and fellow developers. It wasn't long before the organisers were asked to repeat this effort, and later that year Gamecity devoted an entire gallery and an evening bar social to LadyCADE's 1st anniversary event.

LadyCADE has since begun making efforts to expand, looking beyond the UK to run events in wider Europe - initially with a meetup to mark the opening of Sweden's Creative Coast Festival. Co-founder and events organiser Gemma Thomson then joined a panel of diversity campaigners at GDC 2016 in order to discuss LadyCADE's founding and its role on the international stage.

LadyCADE Arcade


The LadyCADE Arcade is a continuing series of games showcases which runs alongside many of LadyCADE's social events. It provides a free platform for women to show their games at such events, and in turn it provides the entertainment for LadyCADE's friendly crowd of keen gamers.

The LadyCADE Arcade debuted in Summer 2014, and has so far included such titles as Tengami (Nyamyam), Bang Bang Bang! (Sophie Houlden), Pixel Ripped (Ana Ribeiro) and Mushroom 11 (Untame Games). Featured works have been shown on everything from iPad to Oculus Rift, a SNES and even a makeshift photo booth.

The LadyCADE Arcade is intended to be as much about supporting women developers as it is a source of inspiration or even reassurance to women who may be considering making their own games. Some of the featured games have already enjoyed commercial success, some represent the developers' first efforts in the medium, and others have gone on to receive prestigious award nominations. The LadyCADE Arcade strives to create a vibrant community amongst gamers and game-makers alike.


The Team

Gemma Thomson Events organiser, web admin, co-founder

Holly Pickering Events host (UK), co-founder

Innes McKendrick Co-founder

Elsa Bartley Events host (UK)

Anna Jenelius Events host (Sweden)

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